Coaching Fee

All the coaching you need in order to get a scholarship will be provided .


Many of us know what a scholarship is . Simply put, scholarship is a financial help to a student.

On a yearly basis, Nigerians gain admission to any of the tertiary institution, but parents and guardians struggle to foot the bills, due to high poverty level . In times like these, scholarship is one firm hope. We will now look at steps that will make you a scholar .

  • MAINTAIN A POSITIVE OUTLOOK : Many will tell you, ‘scholarships are awarded base on sentiment’ . Never let it retard you . Many scholarships are awarded base on merit .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • BE INFORMED :  If you’re not informed then you’re deformed . Many scholarships opportunity come up frequently and many never apply because they were not informed. So, stay connected to this blog site and get the latest scholarship news .
  • KNOW THE REQUIREMENTS :  Immediately you’ve been informed, read through the eligibility requirements and see if you are fit to apply . Some organisations will want to award scholarships to students of a particular discipline while some will turn a  blind eye to your discipline. Always read through the eligibility requirements .
  • APPLY EARLY : If your eligible, then, apply on time . Provide the needed documents and submit your form .                                                                                                                        
  • STAY UPDATED :This point is very crucial . After the deadline and all application forms have been collected, it takes time to invite students for an aptitude test. During this hiatus, many students give up and don’t make inquiry about the organisation’s style of aptitude test. Believe that you will be called for a test and start preparation on time.




    1. I Know so many articles exist on this topic . But my own article was a research conducted by me. It’s original and does not lack freshness . Stay connected to this site and you will tell your testimony .

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