In Nigeria,  university education have been hailed and parents coax their children to accept university education . Many fall sick when their children are not yielding. However, the economy is not friendly. So, why are most Nigerian parents bent on training their children to university level ? .

This post will examine some of the reasons why parents send their children to  school(university) . let’s See,

  1. ESTEEM : Because of the cost of training a child in  a university, parents who have succeeded in training their children are esteemed and viewed as life achievers. That is why we often hear questions such as, ‘who has he trained ?’– a question which implies that the questioness has no graduate and therefore, should be viewed less. So, as a measure to avert such derogatory remarks, parents strive to train their children .
  2. BETTER LIFE : Amidst the high rate of unemployment among Nigerian youths, Nigerian parents still believe that university education will earn their children a better life in the future. They want them to get what they never had and, experienced too .
  3. REASONING : Those of our parents who never attended a university but had friends who were university graduates were intimidated by the knowledge and logical reasoning of their graduate friends. As such, they vow to train their children to university level .

   4.  MARRIAGE : This will appear awkward but it’s the truth to an extend . Many of our parents expect us to harness the teachings and experiences from the university and form a family. They will be happy if you shower them with gifts and money but they will be more happy if they are given grandchildren .

There are numerous reason but these are some of the reasons .However, whether the economy is bad or not, university education is one of the best gift parents can give their children .

What is your thought on this ? .



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