As stated in my previous article, WHY YOU SHOULD SCORE 200+ IN JAMB many will  be quick to dislodge this guide, claiming that the one and only thing to do is to Read. But many have always been reading without crossing the cutoff mark . And the question is, Why ? . It’s because in UTME, you Study and not Read. Student who read can pass Internal Examination but you need to Study in order to Pass an External Examination like UTME.  But who do you go about this ?, Let’s See

  1. HAVE THE RIGHT MATERIALS: Every examination has its own materials for students to study. This year UTME, the book INDEPENDENCE and the CD Brochure are the materials you are given. Start studying them NOW! .Use the brochure to know what JAMB expects you to know.
  2. HAVE A PLAN: Since you have limited time to prepare, you are expected to have an achievable plan. You have seven days in a week; you can study at least one subject for a day and spend at least five hours on it . Know that UTME  is set from fundamental and  Hidden Truths in your Textbook. So read IN-BETWEEN-LINES .
  3. WORK WITH  OTHERS: You are a human and as such you cannot know it all. So, Meet with friends that are strong in areas you are weak and work them. Don’t feel shy and proud, it is want you are yearning for-to be an undergraduate in the course of your choice, So do the needful and meet others for help.If it means attending tutorials, then do it. Always ask questions and remain fully Focus .
  4. NEVER BE DISCOURAGE: Success is a journey and not a destination. You will not understand everything that you have read and you still may not understand if you meet others for help. No doubt, you will be bothered, but never be discouraged. Remember the wise words of Winston Churchill ”Success is not final,Failure is not fatal,it the courage to continue that count”. CLICK HERE http://www.bbcamerica.com/anglophenia/2015/04/50-churchill-quotes to view more of his quotes. The point is, DON’T GIVE UP, MAINTAIN YOUR ZEAL .                                                                           
  5. ACKNOWLEDGE DIVINE SUPREMACY: This is crucial point . Your strict adherence to the above four points will not secure you success if you neglect your creator. Take some time to pray for understanding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This guide has been tested as it helped the writer of this post to secure an admission in one of Nigeria University.If you flow outlined steps, I am Confident that you will pass, you are born to do it .

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