In Developing countries like Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa etc securing a good job is very difficult. The level of unemployment and underemployment is soaring speedily and some use this nightmare to swindle many, all in the name of Employment. Occasionally, employment opportunity comes like JOB VACANCIES IN SHELL-WORLDWIDE and in such times, everybody has to be in their best form . In most countries, Curriculum vitae(CV) Submission, Aptitude Test and Interview have always been the recruiting process. But the Curriculum vitae is a key step in any application. It is the platform to present yourself and demonstrate your achievements. But the challenge is how to effectively present yourself, in Writing.

Many people have different style of writing a Curriculum Vitae but this guide will adopt the  Shell Energy Company Style as it is modern. Here are a few handy tips to help you present yourself in the best possible way:

  • Make sure your CV is up to date
  • Try to restrict it to two pages and keep the layout simple(This is mainly for graduate with little job experience)
  • Use headings like ‘Education’ and ‘Career history’ to highlight different sections
  • Don’t make general statements about yourself – support them with evidence. For example, explain what you have done that illustrates the qualities you have
  • Try to link your skills and experiences to the requirements of the role you’re applying for
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile in order to make some application process easy

Personal details: Your full name, email address and phone number are most important. You’ll also want to make sure the full name you provide is the same full name written in other official documents.

Educational details: List these in reverse chronological order, with your most recent education first. Include the name of the institutions, the dates you were enrolled, and the qualifications you obtained or will obtain when you graduate. You may want to list the relevant modules, the projects and dissertations you delivered, the grades you have achieved, and professional skills you have developed.

Career history and professional experience: Whether they’re paid, voluntary or shadowing, all experiences count! Present these in reverse chronological order with dates to show how long you remained in a particular role. Mention what you achieved and the skills you developed.

Achievements and outside interests: Include this information to show that you’re a rounded person with a balanced approach to life. Focus on recent examples, describing what you contributed and learned, and how you did this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Africa is ‘developing,’ but the world will eventually remove the suffix, ‘ing’ and a new suffix-‘ed’ will be added but before that happens , we must survive individually and securing an employment is one way .So, try the above mentioned tips and stay connected to this blog site by subscribing via your email . More will be coming .



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