As stated in my previous article on HOW TO WRITE A COMPETITIVE CV securing a good employment in Africa is difficult and the jobs available are not enough. Sadly, some employment opportunities are hijacked and hoarded by the elite class, keeping the energetic youths of Africa miserable. But you cannot stay without a job. What you need to do is,Think Global, see the world as your Nation. Despondent thoughts will arise within your mind and you will immediately doubt yourself. It is normal to think that way, since developing  Countries’ working standard  is below the world’s standard. But who are you not to be qualified for that foreign job ?. You are gifted and can do that foreign job-always remember that and think positive. However,the gist of this post is to give you reasons to start thinking global. They are:

New experience: Securing a job in another country is a chance for you and perhaps your family to experience a new way of life . You get to compare and contrast between your home and your new state .This widens your mental scope and broadens  your perception of the out world-a gift to realities .

Increase your Chances: It is often said, ‘never put all your eggs in one basket’.This principle also applies in job seeking . The more you widen your job seeking scope, the greater your chances of securing a good Job. This is because, those who gain employment are not always the best products but the best job seekers . Therefore, the need to widen out your job search becomes relevant .

Good Working Condition: Working conditions vary from country to country, with some countries having better than others. Thinking Globally presents to you the possibility of having a better working condition probably outside your immediate environment. This most times, products of developing countries are beneficiaries when they are gainfully employed in developed lands. This increases their thinking and creativity  and enhances their productivity level and their contributions to society in general. A Step to sustainability.

Payment: It is no news that the currency of most developed countries are higher than developing ones and so, do the job payments reflect in their establishments. Payments and promotions are regular in developed economies as against the delayed practice in some developing economies. Therefore, thinking globally affords you the opportunity of catching up with these advantages,reducing the stresses that come with imaginary expenditures and savings. This  should be a  motivating reason to think globally .

Job Availability: There are  lots of jobs out there. All you need to do is-reach out and apply. You are definitely fit for such jobs like JOB VACANCIES IN SHELL-WORLDWIDE . You may not know when such offers are available but we have your back, just subscribe to this blog site and the latest post will be uploaded to your email.

When you finally secure an enduring employment in any country, you have a self-esteem. You can raise your head high and feel proud about yourself. This is what Most youths in developing countries have not attained. So, Think Global .







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