The joint admission and matriculation board(JAMB) which was established in 1978 is now the great  chasm between fresher and jambite . Recently, the cutoff score for UTME has  been downsized from 180 to 120. But you shouldn’t focus on 120 and the reasons are;

    1. INTELLIGENCE : Hitting two hundred and above in your UTME spells your level of intelligence. It is a fine  way of demonstrating your academic agility.
    2. SCHOLARSHIP : If you have read my post on SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR NIGERIAN UNDERGRADUATES you will notice that most of the highest paying scholarship scheme are for students with high UTME Score .
    3. LESS WORRY : When students are worried about their chances to secure an admission, you are less worried. No doubt you still need some work to be done but you are refresh, ready  to handle it .
    4. APPROVAL : With a blast in your UTME exam, your parent will be very pleased with your work . In fact, you will be  pampered. Children of this century are something else, so, having a good child is a thing of joy .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Now that we have known this, how do we prepare for UTME ? . Many we readily say, ‘By Reading’ but it goes beyond that . Stay connected to this site as a step-by-step guide will soon be Published on how to prepare for your UTME within one Month . Please feel free to comment .

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