Have you noticed that some of the powerful and intricate abstract verbs have few letters ?. Love, Hate, Kiss are all complex and powerful abstract verbs . A more intricate one is Life,a four letter word that is viewed as the difference between animate and inanimate things. To show its intricate nature, mankind do not have a unified answer to the purpose of life-the main reason why we are born. Busy minds have wondered over this subject and described it from their own angle. In most cases, these descriptions are poetic and concise. Many have viewed life as a stage, as not skittles, Life as having two tragedies: having what we want and not having what we want etc .

This post will not try to explain the purpose of life, but it will expatriate on some of the general view of life .                                                                                                                                 Life as a stage: This point of view see life as a phase, a sequence. In a way, it makes us to understand that there is time for everything. Some years back never saw the achievements you have made this year and your reasoning must have been myopic. The reason is very simple, you were not on the right stage but you are now, a stage were you can now achieve things for yourself. So, Life is a process.                                                             However, the word ‘stage’, can also mean a theater and as it is in with every theater act, performers will be present. Some of these performers or characters will be either round or flat. A round character change overtime in any stage performance but a flat character does not change in course of the performance. These characters affect the roles of other characters. So, this tells us that life is not monotonous, it includes others and when we work with others, we will enjoy it. Although, some of the characters will terminate suddenly, the remaining characters will have to work with each other. The same thing  also applies, some persons such as fake friends will leave your life, maybe because of hardship, betrayal or misunderstanding. Remain resilient and focus on what you have, possibly your family since they rarely turn their back .

Life is not skittles: The above view sees life as in steps but this particular thought, takes a wholly view of life. Although life have been viewed as a play, this very thought tells us that life is not easy. Our individual experiences can attest to this truth. It is like a wave form with fluctuating frequency. Some points will be smooth and easy while some will pose incomprehensible challenges. So, no life is free of problems, even the cardiotocography machine tells us that a smooth life means no life(death), a fluctuating one is active. Those challenges are to be faced squarely, and transform them to a success story.                                                                                                                                                            We will be stormed with periods of hard times but we should always choose to stand firm. Fear and anger will not help in such times, a resolved mind will reinforce us to stand fit. Remember, we were not born to be cowards and incessant losers, we were born to shine and centralise happiness.

There are a lot of views on life but we examined the above two, since it is cardinal to virtually all individual. However, I will take my own view and make the gist to stand out.

Life is food and water: This simply tells us of what we need in order to survive. All what we truly need is food and water. So, when we have them, we should be contended and do not worry. This is not easy, as many still struggle to eat a balanced diet because of no jobs but think global, JOB SEARCH-THINK GLOBAL  . Here in Nigeria, there some  job opportunities that are ongoing like  ARM YOUNG TALENT PROGRAMME (AYTP)-2018 , Drilldeep Oil and Gas Company Limited Recruitment 2018 , Kogi State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Recruitment 2018 .

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