You have finally secured an admission and you are the most elated person on Earth . It was a hard fight- starting from the purchase of your JAMB form, preparation for examination and down to the Examination Day. At last, you’ve gained admission. At this point, your vibe is high and you are eager to move to campus and experience a new way of life. You did your clearance immediately and attended the orientation program organised by the University management . There, you were taught the basis of the school and how to succeed. But you were not told everything and  that is why this guide is here, to fill in the missing points . This guide will examine the basic things you should do within your first year. Let’s see:

Good grades: Am certain that this point was stated in your orientation as it has always been the gist of every orientation.This point cannot be over emphasized, in fact, your friends and family must have stress this point too. Your first year is your foundation and with a good foundation, your prospect is bright.                                                                             Scientists have stated that the higher we go to the atmosphere, the cooler it becomes but this is in sharp contrast to the university system. The University system can be viewed as a pyramid with the base being your first year. The chances of striking a strong grade is higher and the chances reduces gradually as you progress. So, make the most of your first year .

The University system can be viewed as a pyramid.

Apply for scholarships: This is one crucial but neglected point . Scholarships are available to Nigerian undergraduates and your first and second year is the right time to hit one. Read more to know the steps you need to take. Albeit, many will come and promise to apply on your behalf  if you join their team but, it will be best if you apply it yourself. This is because, you doing it yourself will make you take a firm interest and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Stay connected to this site and like our Facebook page – official:LINK and get the latest scholarship information.

Make meaningful friendship: Your friends influences you a lot and having a friend who share the same goals and aspirations with you will help. It is difficult to make new and good friends, so, you should take your time and use your head. Observe intently and know who to make as your friend.

Night classes: This is seen as a time to study. As the name implies, this happens at night and many students avail themselves of this opportunity and study individually or as a group . If you can, go along with a reading partner.

Avoid Bad Area: The university Environment is harsh and first year students are prime target of corrupting influence. They are everywhere and every university have them, although, in different degrees. Always walk in group and avoid secluded areas.                     In most Nigerian universities, cultists are predominant; they intimidate and harass students, especially first year students since they are naive and gullible. Many who cannot keep up with the harassment and intimidation, decide to buy protection from other gangs. This is not the best decision to make as it will affect your studies and ruin your public image. So, link with others, report to your HOD and Parents if you are frequently harassed .However, don’t always be a frontal attack on them and criticize them in the public, since, this will always put you on a dangerous risk. Instead, see them as your fellow students and work with them, respect them as individuals since they are  your fellow students – this is the essence of Humanity .

If you do these things, then, you will share your testimony with others .


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