From the day that we arrive on planet Earth, we were placed with breath-taking beauty. The atmosphere, a layer of gases that surrounds our planet and is retained by earth’s gravity pull is one of such beauty. Air which is a composition of Nitrogen(78%), Oxygen(20%), Argon(0.9%), Carbon dioxide(0.04%), Neon(0.0018%), Helium(0.0005%) and Methane(0.00017%) is primarily the main gas present in the Atmosphere. The atmosphere maintain the temperature of the earth, enabling liquid water to be present. Carbon Dioxide,CO2 which is present in air absorbs ultraviolet solar radiation, hence, warming the earth surface through heat retention.

The existence of the Earth atmosphere is Puzzling and many have spent time trying to explain the existence of the atmosphere. Some believe that after the earth was formed at about 4.6 billion years ago, it was possibly a molten ball with a primary atmosphere which was later cleared by the sun radiation. However, it is likely that volcanic activities liberated gases that contained Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Ammonia, etc, and this gave rise to our Secondary atmosphere. After the Earth solidified, the steam condensed and fell as rain, filling the hollow surface of the Earth which we now know as Oceans.  On the other hand, some hold the view that man cannot explain the existence of the Earth atmosphere with certainty and God which is assumed to be the creator, Can. This is a serious bone of contention.

However, the desire to know more is inherent in all humans, but instead of becoming puzzled about the existence of the atmosphere, we should take time to appreciate and Nurture it. Today, human activities  such as industrialization, Deforestation, Bush burning, etc threatens the existence of the atmosphere. Global warming which one of the result of man’s activity on the atmosphere now adversely affect the lives of humans. Now is the time to adopt Eco-friendly way of life. Forestation, Tree planting, Sanitation and the use of Electric cars should be encouraged. It is nice to know how our incredible atmosphere came in place but this should not be more important than the survival of our atmosphere.


via Daily Prompt: Puzzled


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