We all are faced with challenges in Life and when we cared for by others, we breathe in fresh air. Today, we hear reports of war, crime and poverty in our various home and we feel bad about it. This feeling is called sympathy and it means fellow-feeling. It is inhere t in all humans and even the worst person you can think of has it, although he/she may not tend to show it.

Terrorist attacks, Natural Disasters and Political Instability have suddenly taking roots in various countries and when they happen, lots of lives  and properties are lost. When this happen, we should not only feel bad if we truly have sympathy, we should be moved to action as true Sympathy is not just a feeling but an action. Act within your limits and do the little you can . Donate, Assist, Support in every way that you can. This is what the world really needs.

Despite hosting a Country where Civilization started, Africa is still tagged a Developing Continent and the prime reason is that Africans lack True Sympathy. Their Leaders have felt the agony and pleads of its subjects but they fail to act in the right  way. They retain elected offices as their apartments and when Disaster strikes, they fail to sincerely solve it rather, they complain about finance. This has affected the mind-set of the subjects. They now thinks and act like the heads, hurting their fellows subjects in Business, Education, Employment etc.  This is in sharp contrast with the developed  Continent. The needs of the citizens comes first and they are meant swiftly.

We all should feel and act to help ourselves, we are ordained to do it and no one else. Albeit, we are Humans with limited power and we cannot do much, but the little we have done to help others will be enough. However, we are all blessed in different ways and it is expected that we should create impact according to what we have. True sympathy is a Feeling and an Action. So, act today and help to build something better for our next generation .




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