When the word Permit is mentioned, what comes to your mind ?. Do you remember your Drivers permit or your Building permit OR was it your Primary School days were you have to take a permission from  your class Teacher before you leave the class ?. The word, Permit is not strange and it must have reminded you of something .  The denotative meaning of the word is, an official document giving someone authorization to do something. This implies that a permit is a right given to a person and in most cases, it is written.

In most Countries today,  Government assign personnel who issue certain permit to its citizens. These personnel act like ambassadors to the Government and whatever they do reflect on the image of the Government. However, the approval of permits is becoming too rampant. Drivers licenses are issued without due protocol- the applicant is not tested to ascertain his Or her driving efficacy. Permission to operate a company are not  scrutinized before approval in most countries.

Maybe we have forgotten our ways of old and we need to be reminded. The six letter word, PERMIT speaks of what it stands for . The first three letters,PER stands for Please Entrust Responsibility. Now this is the applicant speaking, begging to be entrusted with the responsibility he/she seeks. Before Permits are first issued, someone will first apply. It is as if the applicant is begging for the permit to be issued out to him or her. This is the first step and when it has been carried out, it is now time for the other three letters to finalize the process.

The other three letters of the word,MIT stands for Meet Its Task . This is the reply the body assigned with the right to issue permit will give to the applicant. This means that the permit he/she applied has tasks to be completed before approval. This is the right thing to say before the application is approved. All the tasks must be completed before approval. When the Government adopts the acrostic for PERMIT, we will save our lives, protect our properties, the citizens will have ample reasons to trust any government approved products and this is the beauty and reliability of a sustainable Economy – the drive of any responsible Government.








And in the plural tense, ‘S’ stands for SYSTEMATICALLY . So, before any permit should be approved, all tasks should and must be met systematically i.e it should fellow due procedure.



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