Many students are now transforming and moving beyond the classroom work into ideas that will solve world’s challenges. These students are usually provided with the platform to showcase their brilliant ideas. Shell Ideas360 is one of such platform. This platform gives students and innovators the chance to collaborate with like-minded people, learn and discover their self. In this global student programme, nothing matters, not your ethnicity, Background, Discipline and am sure Daniel Lee can testify. All you need is  a brilliant idea that can solve the world’s challenges .


STEP 1 : Click Here to register and set up your personal profile. You can set up a team of  at least three people. Join the online community, learn with others and submit your idea.


Selected ideas will have access to:

  • A designated mentor

Expert Development Sessions – support to further develop your idea, Leadership & business skills training to enhance your career .

STEP 3 :

Finalist teams receive:

  • A trip to Make The Future, London
  • Intensive coaching
  • Opportunity to pitch ideas to senior Shell executives, Innovators and Industry leaders

Refine your skills

Make your idea pitch perfect with coaching, insight and support from senior Shell experts and mentors. Gain VIP access to Make The Future, London.


Novel: How novel or original is the idea?

Your answer should include: What existing idea could you be compared to and why is your idea different? Why is your idea innovative?

Doable: How easy is it to achieve the idea?

Think about How do-able, achievable or feasible is this idea? What are the obstacles; be realistic and what would you need to deliver this.

Value: What benefits (business/social/etc.) would the idea deliver? What is the potential value of this idea?

Consider the wider value whether its financial, political, social or technology etc. And don’t try and sell this to Shell. This isn’t about Shell, this is about the idea.

Relevance: How relevant is the idea to the Food/Energy/Water topic?

Many of the ideas touch more than one of the topics, so please consider this in your answer. The greater the relevance, the greater the impact.


What we see creates a lasting impact on us, so this year, the judges will request for an image that illustrates your idea. It can be what you want, but your image will make or break an entry .


The benefits are numerous . The winners will be given an adventure trip, Participant will have created a good network among fellow students via internet, The shellIdeas360 certificate of participation is a big boost to a student’s CV. The Contest is also a learning and discovery process as you will work with professional .



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