University Education is rated very high in Nigeria and many Nigerian youths struggle very hard to gain an admission. Parents even pressure their children to accept university Education and the reasons are stated in this article. However, many thinks that Apprenticeship system pays more than the university Education. However, this is not the focus of this post but we will carefully discuss about it later. One thing is certain, both of them pay very well, it’s just a question of what you want.

So back to the question. Your CV is just a summary of all the remarkable things you’ve done in your career. But while in school, it seems very difficult to get an intimidating CV. But there are things you can do to get one. Bear in mind that all that will be mentioned  will normally take place during your vacation and school period.

  1. Learn any software program that relates to your course of study or your passion . Simply put, learn a skill .There are lots of software program to learn – Mathlab, Autocad, Aspen Hysys, Microsoft word, Publisher etc. The world has  gone digital and many organisations are now employing digital equipment. Only those who can use them will be employed. And in case you have any passion, don’t let it die, Nurture it. I have a passion for blogging and Web design and that is why exists.
  2. Be involved in school  activities like the Student Union Government. A certificate stating that you’ve once held an official leadership post while in school is a big boost to your CV.  It’s an indication that you can be a head .
  3. Participate in School competition,Global challenges and get a Scholarship award. Competitions like SHELL IDEAS360Valeo Innovation ChallengeCOWBELL MATHEMATICS QUIZ, etc provides you with the fine opportunity of Boosting your CV. The award and certificate of participation from these competition like SHELL IDEAS360 is a big boost to your CV. Scholarship award is one way to boost your CV too, as they tell others that you are clever. There are many scholarship  OPPORTUNITIES for you and you can click Here  to know how to get one .

    shell ideas360
    Shell Ideas360 is a global challenge for students .
  4. Attend seminars and empowerment programs like YEP, Shell liveWire organized by Coca Cola and Shell Petroleum Development Company respectively. Although these occasions are more of talks but if you take keen interest on what is said, you will benefit. In fact, it  was in one of these talk program that I learned how to write a good CV .
    Youth Empowered Programme organized by Coca Cola .

    Shell liveWire
      Shell LieWire is a platform for you to turn your Business idea into a reality .

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