Many have wondered if True love exist and others have given up in their search for true love. But I wonder if true love is found and how do you know it when you see one. Let discuss this right way .

Many people mistake infatuation for Love . Infatuation is based on how you feel at the moment. You attend a wedding ceremony and you see an attractive lady, immediately, you want to date her, that’s infatuation. Infatuation will last for a while. Love is based on what you know .Mark is kind, Decent, Black, Arrogant and Dogmatic but you still want to be with him. That my friend is LOVE. When you are fully aware of the person’s weaknesses and strengths but you still want to be with him. It is unconditional and selfless. That is what Love is .

With each passing day, you come to appreciate Mark for who he is and what you started with as love, grows to True Love. Therefore, True Love is an advanced form of love and it is attained when, what made you to love has not changed. Truth love is reached when you love the person for who he is(characters) and not what he is(Physical looks and Material Possession) because, who he is will not change. So, True Love is built. Love is a Journey, and when you attain True Love, you become more selfless, willing to give you life for your love to live .


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