The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) plans to award 37 one-time scholarships, one per state of origin as well as one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), in the amount of One Hundred thousand Naira each, to Nigerian female undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities.

Interested applicants are advised to download a PDF application form here. or a Microsoft Word document application here 
Applicants are required to submit the following documents together with their completed application form on or before May 30, 2018 to .

 Proof of State of Origin- Letter of Origination from the university or a letter from your local government office.

 Two letters of recommendation from any two of the following: Church Pastor/Mosque Imam, Village Head, Local Government Chairperson or One of your Lecturers.

 1 Letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Head of Department.

 Photocopy of your current university student identification card

 A current photograph of yourself

 An explanation of why you need and should receive the scholarship- (not more than one-half typed page).

A type-written, double-spaced, two-page essay on:

In light of the incessant clashes between Fulani herdsmen and various communities in Nigeria, how do you suggest that the federal government addresses the causes of these conflicts?”

Application process is free!
Do not send money to anyone nor include money in your application


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