2018 Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates


DAAD University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates


The Jim Ovia Scholars Program is a national initiative to educate and develop next-generation leaders who will contribute to social and economic progress of Nigeria. The Program enables Nigerian youths from economically disadvantaged communities to complete a quality tertiary education, and make successful transitions to further education or to the workforce in Nigeria.

WORTH: 150,000 Nigerian Naira

NUMBER OF AWARDS: 100 new scholarships available for award each year

 Who can apply?


The Jim Ovia Scholars program for undergraduate level students is open to matriculated full-time University/College applicants who are residents and citizens of Nigeria. This program aims to support academically qualified, yet economically disadvantaged, youths in Nigeria who will contribute to the transformation of the future of the country.



The Jim Ovia Scholars program for Masters and Ph.D level students is currently closed for applications.

iv.  How do I apply to the Jim Ovia’s Scholar’s Program?

Please note that all applications to the Jim Ovia scholars Program is only accepted online. Handwritten applications and verbal referrals are not acceptable.

Please VISIT THE HOME PAGE and follow the prompt at the bottom of the page for New Beneficiaries and Returning Beneficiaries, accordingly. All applicants must complete their application online on our website in order to be considered for the scholarship. No applications will be accepted via mail or hand-delivered. We will not accept phone calls regarding applications. All inquiries must be made via email and sent to

You can check the status of your application online in your Jim Ovia Scholars Account.


Before you fill the form note the following information:

  1. You MUST NOT USE AN AGENT to fill out or apply or submit an application
  2. There is NO PAYMENT REQUIRED to submit an application. Paying an agent is at your own risk and does not guarantee a scholarship award
  3. You are only allowed to make only ONE SUBMISSION per applicant. Multiple entries will be disqualified
  4. FALSIFYING or FORGING documents will automatically disqualify you
  5. Applicant MUST have completed senior secondary school
  6. Applicants MUST have gained admission into an undergraduate Nigerian University and provide proof of admission
  7. Applicant MUST have a minimum of five credits in the O/level and will be required to submit a certificate of proof
  8. Candidate’s age MUST not be less than 16 years at time of application
  9. There are no restrictions to the course or program of study for applicants
  10. Make sure to provide a reliable means of contact as the email and phone number you enter in this form will be used to contact you
  11. You MUST provide an email address that has your firstname and lastname in it. Email  MUST be a Gmail or Yahoo account
  12. All uploaded scanned documents must be clear and legible, unclear documents will be rejected
  13. You may print the form for your own record before clicking on submit
  14. Submitting an application does not guarantee an award of the Jim Ovia scholarship
  15. There is no need to contact the Foundation once you have submitted your application. Those who meet the selection criteria will be shortlisted and contacted by the foundation
  16. Ensure that you enter all information accurately and click submit





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